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Cardiology Department IT Support

With our fully integrated support systems, everyone in the cardiovascular patient care team can enjoy enhanced productivity and confidence with our support for equipment, software, and workflow. Wellness Point Solutions has solutions to provide reliable access to data, applications and information regardless of modality, platform, device or data format.

Wellness Point Solutions offers solutions for synchronized signal, image (DICOM) , information and other discrete data are collected from integrated clinical systems such as Fractional Flow Reserve, Intravascular Ultrasound, 3D mapping systems, Ablation generators, and more.

Wellness Point Solutions can help you streamline workflow and data analysis, simplify reporting, speed the billing process and even manage inventory using standards like HL7 and CVIS.

Using standard communication protocols wherever Wellness Point Solution cares about adaptability between your systems, helping to ensure your investments today continue to deliver value as your needs change and integration demands increase.


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