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EMR and EHR support

EHR, EMR Support

Technology, design, decisions, implementation, testing and ongoing support for your practice.

Wellness Point Solutions HelpDesk Support analyst are responsible for providing first line of application support to any EHR or EMR (Electronic Health Record or Electronic Medical Record) or Medical Billing systems.

A Support Team that understands your industry

Our humans will speak to your humans and then problems will be solved.
As an a customer of Wellness Point solutions, you will work as part of a team that will coordinate all aspects of planning, design, development, training, implementation, communication, maintenance and evaluation of existing or new functionality related to your EMR; Our team has strong communication and problem-solving skills, including the ability to work with end users, outside vendors, and management to resolve problems and implement new technologies; maintain locations, payers, talk IDC10, providers, diagnosis code library and overall business logic for your practice. We have excellent customer service skills; Wellness Point Solutions Support Team members will demonstrate concern and respect for others in all interactions, and inspires confidence and trust.

Return on your investment

15 min Incremental billing with a stated per hour rate.
It cost nothing to register to be a client of Wellness Point Solutions. We require you to sign a Business Associate Agreement to be a client of Wellness Point Solutions. Once we have our agreements in place to meet HIPAA federal laws we can commence business. We charge a per hour fee for tickets. We split our hourly tickets into 15 min incremental billing at a really affordable per hour rate. Open tickets, get support, get detailed billing at the end of every billing period. Lower your monthly IT cost by using our ad-hoc support services. Get the services required without the cost of a dedicated employee or expensive service contract.

Estimation is provided for example purposes but are closely related to how we charge for services except we track exact time with ticket updates to prove all efforts.

Return on Investment Explained

Imagine 1 Month of our services and your practice opens 10 tickets with an average resolution time of 30 minutes per ticket. Wellness Point Solutions would bill your company for 5 hours of our labor. Our ticket rate is $150.00 per hour. 5 hours of support multiplied by $150.00 would be a bill of $750.00 billed to your practice. From our experience as a practice matures the monthly cost of our support services significantly drops. As you learn your EMR or EHR software our team becomes less of an expense, but still highly available for your team.

Have an old outdated EMR software? Our team will support legacy EMR and EHR software.

In addition to providing comprehensive strategic and implementation services for new initiatives, Wellness Point Solutions simultaneously addresses the support challenges posed by legacy systems and conversion to new EHR and EMR issues. Varied legacy systems and IT architectures make each client’s IT challenges unique, requiring resources with the knowledge and experience to deliver customized support solutions.

In Between EMR or EHR vendors? We will hold your hand throughout the entire EMR lifecycle.

Switching to EMR or EHR applications? The simple thought of this can cause a lot of anxiety as the process is, well, overwhelming. Wellness Point Solutions will be the EHR and EMR support company devoted to making your transition a success. Whether you are a small practice or a large network of providers, we have you covered. We work hand in hand with our clients and vendors to ensure a smooth and effective conversion.

53 Reasons to be using Wellness Point Solutions

Imagine the possibility of a EMR and ERH Support team of your dreams built to respond to your questions almost instantly. We are a ticket or call way from solving your problem.

  1. Receives change/enhancement requests, analyzes the request and makes recommendations on whether to proceed with management of your team.
  2. Write, screenshot, video, custom EMR training for your practice.
  3. Define and develop enterprise-specific documentation describing the activities performed by the vendor.
  4. Have a process you want us to follow? Assign our team to Enforce and maintain system security policies to include firewalls, host and client access, file permissions, and user accounts.
  5. On-Call/Off-Hours duties as required
  6. We can monitors system activities using log files, tools and utilities to ensure appropriate levels of system availability and application functionality.
  7. We can Monitor page file, CPU, and memory usage across support systems and applications.
  8. Coordinates and participates in the Change Control Process for technology changes
  9. Provides guidance to team members on system maintenance activities.
  10. Production Maintenance of your EMR or EHR software
  11. Configures product services and coordinates client workstation settings.
  12. Coordinates technology based application level changes with appropriate IT teams and Vendor(s) , as needed.
  13. We will work with Works with DBA, Server Storage Experts, Citrix and other technology teams as required.
  14. We can ensure technology and service desk documentation is updated when changes are made or new products are implemented. We will assist in process-driven design.
  15. Assist in preparation and implementation of product hot fixes and application upgrades, as needed.
  16. We can monitor Enterprise EMR environments including servers, interfaces, and fax/print technology, we will respond to alerts generated and will work with the appropriate technology teams and vendor to resolve problems.
  17. Coordinates or attends meetings to gather requirements.
  18. We can help with analytics, business intelligence, and advanced services
  19. Assists with redesigning workflows and maximizing efficiencies.
  20. Obtains buy-in from other parties affected by the changes that are proposed.
  21. Coordinates the training and roll-out of new features/products/tools.
  22. Participates in application setup and design.
  23. Creates documentation of changes that have been made, and the reasoning behind the decision to make the change.
  24. Maintains in-depth knowledge of the EHR, XPM and related systems.
  25. Creates and maintains documentation outlining how to address identified issues with the software.
  26. Interface/Integration with any medical software platform
  27. Maintenance of Interface/Integration setups
  28. May perform site visits to medical offices
  29. Assists in submitting Meaningful Use applications.
  30. Attends occasional evening committee meetings.
  31. Provides technical support for EHR, XPM, and related systems.
  32. Assists in development of training and support materials
  33. Providers looking to move to a new electronic health system
  34. Vendor has stopped supporting your current EMR or EHR software
  35. Vendor support cost is too high for your practice
  36. You are between service contracts while you select a new EMR/EHR vendor
  37. You want to keep old EMR software
  38. You need to maintain old records system while you change over to a new EHR
  39. Upgrades of EMR software that has reached end of life with no support contract
  40. You need assistance to access to patient records from remote locations and your current service contract does not support remote access.
  41. Legacy software does not support Meaningful Use reports, and you need ad-hoc reports.
  42. Access to Legacy Patient Index - we will keep and host your legacy application in the cloud.
  43. Your current EMR has reached End of Life and you still need Assistance with old patient portal services
  44. Current EMR Vendor is moving away from a 3rd party biller. You want to keep your current 3rd party biller and keep support ongoing.
  45. You need assistance making an old EMR software work with new Meaningful use reporting guidelines
  46. Assistance with HL7 interfacing between software.
  47. Interfacing between PMS and EHR software systems
  48. Providing support between legacy PMS and EHR systems.
  49. HL7 interface support and implementation for software that has interpretation issues vendors.
  50. Assistance with adding a 3rd party biller that your current EMR/EHR vendor does not support.
  51. Interface Support services with, Rosetta, Mirth or any interface engine
  52. Assist in maintaining servers and infrastructure components to support the EMR
  53. EHR Practice Templates and EHR Bill Code map configuration

Some of the software we support

  • Allscripts
  • EPIC
  • Cerner
  • Meditech
  • Mckesson
  • Siemens
  • Athena
  • Greenway Health
  • eClinicalWorks

How to get EMR and EHR support

Steps to get started or call 231-714-0057 and we will sign you up over the phone

  1. Follow our Getting Started Process
  2. Submit a ticket and get support within 1 hour.

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