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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I use a support provider that never signs a Business Associate Agreement with our practice?
If you end up having a breach of data and end up being reported for the breach, your practice can be fined tens of thousands of dollars.  It is required that covered entities follow all HIPAA rules and guidelines.  Part of the process is to have all business associates sign agreements of liability in your data.  

Do you have a physical location in my city?
We are located in Thompsonville, Michigan, and have employees in the Traverse City area. We will travel to your location as needed. However most problems can be something we can handle remotely or through our project software. 

We need someone on-site asap when could you reach us?
We are ready to book a flight and be on site until the problem is fixed.  

How long have you been in business?
We have been in business since 2006. Our main owners have combined experience in the Enterprise technology for over 30 years of combined knowledge. 

Can you build me a Medical Detox or Drug and Alcohol center?
Yes, we can offer you the service of managing the build of your center.   We would offer you a solution that would allow you to hire your staff and maintain agreed upon  systems.  

How do I pay for your services?
We can mail you an invoice or we have online payment portal.  New customers might be required to pre-pay.  Call us for details. 

When can you start on my work?
If we have scheduled your project, we will start on the day we tell you and work to meet any deadlines.   Contact your project consultant to work out any details with timing. 

Are you open 24/7 for support?
We are open 24/7 with our registered paying clients.   Our hours for new customers are 9:00-5-Eastern Standard Monday - Friday.   

How long will it take you to answer my ticket once I'm a customer?
If you are a registered paying Wellness Point Solutions customer, all tickets receive a service level agreement of 1 hour or less response time. Meaning that one of our support agents will call your phone or reply to a ticket within 1 hour of submitting your ticket. 

I'm a doctor or scientist and I'm thinking about buying something really expensive,  can you join me on meetings for reviewing my purchase?
Invite our team to conference calls, review meetings, sales calls, and more. We will act as your agent for the purchase of new products. 

How do I know your working on my project?
All our projects are organized in Ticket software or Project software. We can work hand in hand or you can watch the project as it unfolds using our advanced project software.  

How do you bill for services? 
Contact our team and we will talk about your needs.  With our service based model, we can easily fit your organizational budget and workflow.  

I have a project but have no time, can you handle the build and setup?
Yes, we do provide project management services. Our team can perform the build and offer you training services.

I need to build a hospital can you help me with all the technology?
Yes, we specialize in knowing all the software and systems hospitals and smaller practices require.

I'm building a small private practice, can you work within a small budget?
If you are building a new practice and have a budget to deal with, we can help you meet your goals.    We will make it our goal to get you started within the budget provided.  

Can you help my office go paperless?
Yes, we can help to automate electronically any process you have.  

I do not have the budget for certain software or a goal to meet compliance, can you get creative and help me?
Yes, we have solutions for people who need to save money or are on a budget.  Before you purchase contact our team and we might suggest a way to save money and achieve the same goal.

Will you work with my IT guy or team?
Yes, we can work hand in hand with other IT teams.  We can replicate learning or act as a consultant.   

I need to fire my CTO or IT guy, Can you be here for me?
Yes, we can come in and secure your network, pending your changes.   We will make sure your team is secure and safe through the companies transitions.  


Prepare your company for an HIPAA Audit. Get Compliant Support Services. Register and use our services on an as-needed basis.  

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