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5 Steps To Get Started - Get Access To An HIPAA Compliant Service Provider

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Frequently Asked Questions about Getting Started

I have a local computer tech can you work with him directly to help us solve our problem?
Yes, we will work with anyone from your team.   Give your engineer the login details to the ticket system, and have them fill out a ticket.  Ask them to place custom contact information on the ticket.  

How much does it cost to be a customer of Wellness Point Solutions?
We do not charge to be a registered for support with Wellness Point Solutions.  Customers can submit tickets on an as needed basis.  Once a ticket is submitted you will be contacted and billed for the services associated with the ticket.   Under HIPAA rules and regulations 

How much will you charge me for a ticket?
Visit our pricing page to get standard rates. We charge custom rates for custom projects.  Any ticket that will take longer than 3 hours of time will be communicated with clearly before starting labor.

Why would I want a service contract?
For customers that have us monitoring servers, servicing and supporting desktops, or need us to learn internal workings, we ask you to hire us under a service contract.  

How do I pay for my service work?
If you need to be billed for services, please communicate that with your Wellness Point Solutions expert when you signup.  

How long will it take to solve my ticket?
We will react to your ticket within 1 hour of being submitted, and in most cases fix the issue same day.  If we can not solve your issue same day, we will communicate clearly and update each ticket. 

I have a project and it does not fit into the scope of a ticket, how can you help?
Feel free to submit a ticket about the project, and our sales team will contact you and coordinate the necessary communications and services.  

How easy is it to get support?
Once you are a registered client of Wellness Point Solutions you can submit support tickets. 

How often will get updates on tickets?
Depending on the case, we will review your case and update you as often as required.  Our team is instructed to regularly update open tickets.  

What happens after I fill out the online signup form and fill out the BAA?
A member of Wellness Point Solutions will contact you, to review your account.  Each new customer will be given support portal access and a security pin.

Can I submit a ticket 24/7?
Yes, once you are a registered client of Wellness Point Solutions you will have dedicated access to our ticket system and receive priority phone support.   

What if you do not reply to a ticket within 1 hour?
Our guarantee is that we proactively respond to all registered clients within 1 hour of submitting a ticket.   This does not mean we will solve the issue at hand within 1 hour but we will be sure to have all hands on the desk working to solve your issue asap. your social media marketing partner

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