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HL-7 interfacing Support : Meaningful Use Certified

Wellness Point Solutions Application Support Analyst troubleshoot and develop technical solutions related to anything related to HL-7 interfacing Support. We can also build custom solution's or legacy applications or new applications. Wellness Point support engineers can create workaround procedures when standard functionality has failed and ensures issues are resolved in a timely manner, we can escalates urgent problems that require more in-depth knowledge to appropriate internal resources.

Wellness Point Solution will provides meaningful use support with a Focus on Clinical Decision Support for High Priority Conditions, Patient Management, and Access to Comprehensive Data.

Advanced Services we have provided for clients converting legacy software to communicate with new standards.

  • hl7 EDI: Interface with Clearing Houses
  • hl7 WEB Service 
  • hl7 Secured FTP
  • hl7 Socket based
  • hl7 CSV format data integration
  • hl7 XML
  • hl7 Radiology Integration
  • hl7:LABS
  • hl7 interface
  • hl7 tutorial
  • hl7 interface standards
  • hl7 interface training
  • hl7 certification
  • hl7 message types
  • hl7 interface engine or engine types
  • hl7 Practice Management Interfaces

Simple services we have completed for clients.  Submit a ticket and our team will be deployed to fix your issues. 

  • Correct HL7 files
  • Data Field mapping
  • Correct Meta data in your DICOM, HL7 Files, and any medical files
  • Help clinical staff find help and locate patient data manually when it is lost


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