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medical internet services

Medical Websites and Internet Services


Buying Domain, Configuring DNS, Setting up CMS
Our team will buy you the domain, connect it to hosting, install a content management system, and assist your organization and team in building a site or connecting your web developers with your ready go system.  Our goal is to make sure that your services are documented and within federal or state guidelines.   

Website development
We can provide you with planning, wireframes, designs, integrating medical software, setting up

Email Solutions and Repairs
We can provide you with advanced email solutions or we can fix your current or existing email system.   

Email Monitoring Service
Customers must be using our email solution in order to gain access to our email monitoring service.   Our team can give you standard review access to all employees emails in the system without the end user themselves knowing you have access.    Owners  and managers can better monitor and manage productivity.  

TeleMedicine Implementation Services
Your Telemedicine Solution Doesn’t Need To Break the Bank. Anyone that has done a modest amount of research in the realm of telemedicine can tell you one thing; it’s expensive. However, times are changing, with the plummeting cost of technology and skyrocketing quality of internet, secure cloud computing is reaching even the most remote regions of the US.  Wellness Point Solutions can help  you with a solution that fits your budget, volume, and workflow. your social media marketing partner

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