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 Our Medical Technology Services

We specialize maintaining the technology and software for medical and clinical type offices.  We can convert the compliance jargon into easy to use office.   

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  Ticket Support for your practice
Ticket Support

New Construction of a clinical practice services

Practice Consulting 

medical server and desktop managment services
Desktops and Servers

medical consulting and programming services
Professional Services

medical internet services
Internet Services

 EMR and EHR support
EMR / EHR Support

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HIPAA Secure Ticket Support 

Signed Business Associate Agreement.

24/7 Support Team

Guaranteed 1-hour Response SLA.

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Practice Consulting Services

Building a new Practice?
We build new practices on
your budget.

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Desktop & Server Managment

 Per Machine Pricing

Secure each machine for 
HIPAA Complience

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Software Consulting,
Technical Implementation
programming Services

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Practice Website Services.

We will host and Maintain your practices

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EMR and EHR support

Submit a ticket and get
remote desktop support.

We support legacy
software or between contracts with EMR
or EHR services. your social media marketing partner

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