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Server and Workstation Infrastructure Support

Below is just a sample of the type of work we have completed for our clients. Our team is prepared with the most advanced HIPPA approved remote support software in the industry. Wellness Point Solutions Engineers can login remote and assist you with any problem you have as if we were sitting in the same room with you.  

  1. Rebuild a server Raid Array that has failed hard drive system
  2. Copy and move files manually from machine to servers or the internet
  3. Setup Remote access for an employee
  4. Fix issues with Firewall or Security Settings
  5. Prepare a new server, desktop, tablet, or phone to connect to your network
  6. Setup Windows policies \ Active Directory management. (new users, groups, and computer accounts)
  7. Reinstall old computer to prepare for your network
  8. Provide access logs to a server, date and time-stamps of events.
  9. Connect new computers to your network and windows policy manager
  10. Quick Training on how to complete a task on a computer (We use remote desktop and share screens)


If your practice has not been reviewed by an HIPAA Technology Specialist and you do not yet have a signed Business Associate Agreement.   Do not waste time, get started today with our support services. 

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