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Wellness Point Solutions Client Services: Service Level Agreement

The purpose of this Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) is to formalize an expected level of support provided by Wellness Point Solutions Client Services to deliver specific support services. This document is intended to provide details of the provision of technical support provided to customers of Wellness Point Solutions.

Scope of Agreement
This agreement applies to support provided by Wellness Point Solutions to registered clients. Wellness Point Solutions provides an efficient, cost-contained approach for fully managed IT support. Welness Point Solutions starts with friendly, knowledgeable staff who understand your technical environment. This team of experts is supported by a technical infrastructure that allows us to deploy applications, updates and patches, as well as detect problems remotely.

Services Provided under this Agreement
The following desktop support services are provided as core services.  Charges for services start the second a Wellness Point Solutions expert reviews the case.    

How we track for billing:
Billing starts when we read the ticket and start to provide services.   We track our time per ticket, we requite all staff members log  time on each ticket.  Wellness Point Engineers are required to update tickets, both for the client and for tracking purposes. We do not overlap time with other clients.  All billable ticket time is dedicated time we had a engineer reviewing, managing, and completing your ticket.  If the need arises for a customer member to be transferred to another technician either by request or otherwise, charges will begin to be incurred when the call has been transferred. The transfer can be either via the phone, remote session, or an email where the technician requests another technician to follow up. If the technician that the call is being transferred to is unavailable, no charges are incurred until the client is contacted again by a Client Services Technician. If a client requests a specific technician it is understood that due to vacation schedules, technicians being out sick, as well as other projects that he/she may be involved in there may be occasions where a specific technician may be unavailable. If this is the case the technician transferring the call will inform the client that the person is unavailable for that period of time.

Remote Support Services Available for any Windows Desktop or Windows Server:

  1. Click to Chat Support: iss provided to all registered clients of Wellness Point Solutions
  2. Remote Desktop support: is provided to all registered clients of Wellness Point Solutions
  3. Phone Support: is provided to all registered clients of Wellness Point Solutions
  4. Ticket Support: is provided to all registered clients of Wellness Point Solutions
  5. Onsite technician: is provided to all registered clients of Wellness Point Solutions

1 hour Initial Response to ticket  (1 hour Service Level agreement)
Technicians are assigned tickets as they are received. The technician will contact the client to attempt to resolve the issue. This initial contact in many cases will be a phone call which will be initiated by the technician. Requests for support will be fulfilled based on ticket labeled priorities (Critical, High, Medium, Normal) which are determined by urgency and level of impact. Response is defined as a “good faith” effort to communicate with the customer using the contact information provided by that customer. Response may be via phone or voice mail, e-mail, or personal visit. Service Level response times to service requests are measured once a request is submitted to Wellness Point Solutions Ticket system.  If you do not have a ticket number open, you will not receive services.  Clients can open tickets, or our staff will open a ticket on your behalf.  Always have a ticket number in hand when speaking to our team.   

Other forms of contact may affect the ability of Wellness Point Solutions to meet the requests in a timely fashion. Examples include:

  1. Direct emails to individual support personnel
  2. Direct phone calls to individual support personnel

Ticket Status Definitions with Initial Response Times

  1. Critical - Within 30 minutes: Catastrophic inability to complete job duties. Example: computer does not turn on or boot up properly.
  2. High - Within 2 business hours: Loss of a major job duty. Example: E-mail not working, not connected to internet, inability to print at all. VoIP (basic) not working, no phone service. Example: cannot receive incoming calls and cannot make outgoing calls.
  3. Medium - Within 4 business hours: There is a problem to be solved, but customer is still functional and has other options available. Example: Desktop printer is not working, but customer has access to departmental printers. VoIP (basic) phone working but voice mail not working.
  4. Normal - Within 8 business hours: General request for machine setup reformat or other tasks that are not time sensitive. Example: User needs help but will not be available until a few days later. General requests for VoIP (basic), such as, feature changes, phone relocation, adding/changing service, and new phone.

Patch Management
By default, desktops and laptops under contract with Wellness Point Solutions  are enrolled into automated software updates.  For non-contract based customers, you can submit a ticket and our team will do the necessary backups, and updates to your system.  

Other services provided under this agreement:

  1. Desktop Projects: On occasion, a department or group has a very specific need that must be addressed. In these cases projects will be created to determine what has to be done to meet the client’s needs. Once all of the requirements have been established a project plan will be put into place. Client Services will work closely with the department to ensure that they meet their goals. All labor performed for the project including all technical and administrative tasks will be billed to the client.
  2. Technical Training: Training can be provided to faculty and staff on a variety of technical subject areas upon request. These subjects can be agreed upon between Client Services and the department or group.

Ticket Management Process
Tickets can be received into Client Services in several ways, as listed below:

  1. Help Desk Support Call – ticket is generated by Wellness Point Solutions Technician.
  2. Help Desk Walk-In Support - ticket is generated by Wellness Point Solutions Technician.
  3. Email sent to our ticket system - ticket is generated by through an automated process.
  4. Remedy Ticket submission Online - ticket is generated by the client using our online Ticket Submission Portal.  

Ticket Acknowledgement: (Meeting the 1 hour Service Level Agreement)
Client Services has set a maximum time for a technician to acknowledge a ticket and subsequently contacting the client.  If the ticket is created as a result of a call placed to the Wellness Point Solutions Help Desk, the ticket will be considered acknowledged since a Client Services Technician spoke directly with the client.  Tickets submitted online or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">our support email will be acknowledged and an attempt to contact will be made within 1 hour same business day of ticket receipt.  At this point the Wellness Point Solutions Technician will give an estimated time that he/she will be able to either remote in, or come out to look at the problem.

This time is determined by the severity of the problem. This is based upon the Severity Menu field in Remedy. The three categories are: General, Important (Default), and Critical.

  • General: Refers to a ticket that has very limited impact on the client. Generally is for inquiries about technical information but not related to a current problem or issue
  • Important: This is the default selection. It is used for most problems that are currently impacting the client.
  • Critical: The selection should be used for problems that impact a large number of clients, or for an individual client that has been greatly impacted by the problem. (i.e. Machine won’t boot,
    cannot access the network)

After evaluating the situation, the Client Services Technician has the right to upgrade or downgrade the severity to more accurately reflect the situation.

Levels of Service Matrix
The service levels offered by Wellness Point Solutions Client Services to clients are described below. It is the goal of Wellness Point Solutions Client Services to meet, and even exceed when possible, the levels of services documented in our Service Level Agreement.

   Severity: Critical  Severity: Important Severity: General 

 Monday - Friday
8:00am - 6:00pm

(Eastern Standard time) 

 - Ticket will be acknowledged and the client will be contacted within 1 hour.

- Issue is addressed same day

- Ticket will be acknowledged and the client will be contacted within 1 hour.

- Issue is addressed same day or following business day.  

 - Ticket will be acknowledged and the client will be contacted within 1 hour.

- Issue will be scheduled with stated estimated complete date and time

 After Hours
24/7 Support

- 24/7 Support is provided only to clients under service Contracts. 

- Contract holders receives support until the problem is corrected.  

 - 24/7 Support is provided only to clients under service Contracts.

- Negotiated with contract holder, in some cases we will escalate a "important" ticket
to Critical to  meet customer expectations.   

- 24/7 Support is provided only to clients under service Contracts.

- General Issues are maintained during normal business hours.  


Customer Responsibilities
Customer responsibilities in support of this agreement include

  • The customer is the owner of their data
  • Request help and services defined in Technical Support of this SLA.
  • Respond to Wellness Point solutions staff inquiries in a professional and timely manner.
  • Maintain compliance with all software licensing requirements.
  • Adhere to relevant acceptable use and security policies and standards.
  • Retain ownership and responsibility for completing Information Security Office Risk Assessment (ISORA) within the requirements set by any standards in your industry (HIPPA)
  • Provide Wellness Point Solutions with physical or remote access to supported systems.  (software provided by Wellness Point Solutions)


Wellness Point Solutions Roles and Responsibilities for Client Services
Wellness Point Solutions Client Services has the following general responsibilities under this agreement:

• Client Services will conduct business in a courteous and professional manner.
• Client Services will log all information from clients required to establish contact information and to document the nature of the problem.
• Client Services will attempt to resolve problems over the phone on the first call.
• Client Services will escalate support request to next level of internal support within Wellness Point Solutions Client Services upon approach of established resolution targets.
• Client Services will obtain clients approval before ticket closure. If after three attempts to contact the user over a 1 week period client services gets no response, the ticket will be closed.

General Terms and Conditions

Term of Agreement
This agreement is in effect upon the date of acceptance by Wellness Point Solutions management and it has been posted on the Wellness Point Solutions Website.

This agreement is between Wellness Point Solutions Client Services and any registered customer of Wellness Point Solutions.


Support Request: For the purposes of this agreement, a Support Request is generally defined as a request for support to fix a device, computer, tablet, or modality that is either not operational or experiencing other issues.

Work Order: For the purposes of this agreement, a Work Order is generally defined as any request to address an issue related  to a project, not tickets.  

Levels of Support: There are two levels of support, all of which are provided under this agreement. These levels, which are integrated into the Wellness Point Solutions Client Services support process, are defined as follows: your social media marketing partner

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